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From Pastor Phil Seely

A little history and who we are...     

We are a Bible believing church. By that we mean that all thoughts and actions are ultimately judged by one book, the Bible. THE final authority in all matters of faith and practice is the Book that God authored, and preserved perfectly pure in spite of His use of human instruments. Our services are primarily in English and therefore we appeal to the Authorised Version of 1611 as the only authoritative English translation. In our French services, we use the Ostervald Bible which is also free of the modern corruptions that men have imposed on God's words. Some may hold another Bible versions to be superior; that is their right. Since the various versions read very differently, they cannot all be right. We have settled on the ones listed above.

We are a Baptist church. Historically, Baptist churches have been distinguished by the following eight things: 1. The Bible is the sole authority which regulates all beliefs and practices; 2. Each local church is self-governing before God. True Baptist churches do not accept a denominational government beyond the pastor, members and the Holy Spirit; 3. There is no special "priest class" which is any more holy than a common believer; 4. There are only two ordinances (called sacraments by some), those being baptism by immersion and communion; 5. Each individual has the right to determine what they believe for themselves, in the light of the clear teaching of scripture; 6. Local church membership is restricted to those who have a credible testimony of Bible salvation; 7. The Bible mandates two offices in the church - pastor and deacon; 8. The Church and the Government are to maintain distinct operations. While one may influence the other, neither is to control the other's sphere of influence. In view of these biblical beliefs, we have chosen to take on the mantle of "Baptist" to distinguish us from cults and non-biblical religions.

We are a church because that is what the Bible says Jesus Christ died for. We are a church despite all the negative connotations that people impose on the term, in order to avoid accountability. We are a church because the term means "a called-out assembly." A church is unique in the world because it's thoughts and actions are regulated by the words of God. The church is bound together by love for one another as Christ has loved us. Backgrounds, culture and personalities all take a back seat to the standards of behaviour that are described as "Christian" in the Bible.

Ten years ago, God called a man and his wife to come to Moncton and start a Bible believing, Baptist church. Pastor Seely and his wife met early on with a small group of people who were no longer attending church, but seemed to share the same values. Following a few short evening sessions, it was determined that there was enough in common for this group to form the basis of a new local church. Services were commenced in one family's recreation room, and not long afterward the first convert left the Mormon church to begin a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible.

Since that time whole families have come to know the Lord as their Saviour. In time, the church has grown from just three families to an average attendance of over fifty people. We have taken care not to build our church on the backs of other established works in the city. As an independent Baptist church we reach out to those who are without a church, to those who are seeking a more realistic environment to raise their children, and to those who have no satisfactory relationship with the God who created them. We invite you to visit with us at any of our regular services. We challenge you to sit through three consecutive services and not be positively affected by the ministry of God's words. We look forward to seeing you!

God has given us 7 acres of property that we now own debt free! This property is located off of Wheeler Boulevard between Mapleton Road and the Moncton Hospital. You may have noticed our sign on the southern boundary of Wheeler Boulevard, right near the new Hyundai dealership. This property represents the future of our church. A church is not a building, it is children and families, young married couples, professionals, technicians and tradespeople. God has also graced us with several members of more advanced age who represent the wisdom of experience and endurance. Together we are seeking to give people a sense of belonging, a purpose for living and real answers to life's perplexing problems. Christianity is the single most rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle on the face of the earth; most critics have never truly experienced it. Before you dismiss the opportunity to find a real, life-changing source of joy - come for a visit and stick around for the future.