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As part of the ministry of Charity Bible Baptist Church, we are actively soliciting recommendations for our "love your neighbour" campaign.

We cannot help everyone with everything, but it is our Christian responsibility to help those who are most in need and those who cannot help themselves.

Typical candidates for the help we can offer are single moms, seniors, persons with disabilities and those who have been injured or diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Sometimes "keeping up with things" becomes more than they can handle.

Our congregation is prepared to volunteer their time and skills to clean, paint, stack firewood, make small repairs and sometimes even provide transportation or sitting services for things like doctor's appointments. We are open to considering any kind of volunteer help that the most vulnerable in our community may need.

When we select a family to help, there will be absolutely no cost to the person(s) receiving help. Our church, and partners in the community, will donate any materials needed and our volunteers will supply the labour. We will help when we can and where we can.

IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO NEEDS A HAND, AND CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES; PLEASE HELP US BY REFERRING THEIR NAME, ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER SO THAT WE CAN CONTACT THEM. All final arrangements will be approved by our church committee and the person(s) who agree to accept our help.

PLEASE CALL US AT (506) 854-1611 or

Make sure to include a brief description of the need and full contact information. Also indicate if YOU would like to help volunteer.