Recent Events at Charity Bible Baptist Church

Last Update: 7 June 2008




     On Friday June 6th a group of men and boys from our church met on our church property for a hot dog and marshmallow roast. We had an outdoor fireplace so everything was safely contained while still allowing us to have a great time.
   We went through about 80 hot dogs and the fire kept us warm and the mosquitoes away. The boys are down the field in the background playing "football." What a great time!

  I had a real good time. The only thing I would of done different would be this - instead of burning the wood I would of rather glued it together, and built something. However while the glue was drying it would have been kind of cold and the mosquitoes would have drove us nuts. I guess the fire was a better idea.... - Moe    


    On Sunday, May 25th we welcomed people for the first time to a service on the 7 acres of property God has given us in Moncton.
  We rented a tent and hosted a BBQ for everyone who attended that morning. To see the rest of the photos follow this link.

  Thank you for the invitation. God bless. - N. Boucher

What a beautiful setting for a church. My prayers and good wishes as you continue to develop your church. - K. Barnes